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We offer significant playing time, great coaching while building the ABC Apollo Program.

  1. Kids are King. Coach Salness' philosophy in the classroom and on the court is that Kids are King. This is the reason he's been able to teach and coach for 40 years and still continue to enjoy his job. Coach loves the kids, the ability to help them become better people is a cornerstone to his philosophy, whether it be in life, school, sports, relationships, etc. Respect for others is paramount to Coach Salness, both in sports and teaching. 

  2. Coaches are next on the list. For the most part, Coach Salness has had great success with other coaches. They are great people, great coaches and believe in putting kids before themselves. 

  3. Parents. We need them and they pay the bills but they do not run the ABC Apollo program. We may not always agree on coaching strategy, what tournaments to play or how a situation is handled but it's a parent's job to let our players play and our coaches coach and to support both equally.

  4. Cost. We are a low to middle of the road club cost. Money has never kept a kid from playing for us. Scholarship or payment programs are available when the need arises.

  5. Playing Time. This has been one of our biggest strengths and at times, a weakness. Everyone wants to win but every player will play significant time in each game.

  6. Multi-Sport/Activity Players. Another cornerstone to the program is that we go after kids who play multiple sports: volleyball, basketball, track, lacrosse, tennis, swimming, etc. If they miss club practices due to "in-season" sport priorities, they will not be penalized with reduced playing time. That athlete came to ABC Apollo because we guarantee playing time and we encourage athletes to play other sports. 

What We Offer

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