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About Us

Welcome to ABC Apollo Academy!

Coach Lad Salness started ABC Apollo in 2004.


There were two reasons: 

  • His own children needed a place to play multiple sports at an affordable rate and second; 

  • He wanted to build  Women's Volleyball High School programs in the Portland area.


It was important for ABC Apollo to be affordable and to allow athletes and coaches a flexible place to play and coach outside of their "in-season" sports. 

We believe in empowering students to play multiple sports while granting them the opportunity play those sports all year round. When an athlete is playing their "in-season" sport which takes precedence over other sports, ABC Apollo gives your athlete the flexibility to continue to play their club sport of choice when they're available to attend practices and tournaments.

ABC Apollo highlights:

  • Affordable club fees

  • Guaranteed playing time for every player for every match

  • Welcome and encourage multi-sport athletes

  • Great coaching! 

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