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#39 ABC Apollo Volleyball 2021


Hello to all,

Camp update:

1. Yes, it is going to be hot!

2. The gym is air conditioned, we hope to have it at 70.

3. You can text me before you show up or just show up and see for yourself. All good! I will be in the gym by 3:30 pm

4. Bring a mask, water, a check for $35 and a smile. :)

5. 16's are at 4-5:30.    ( we could have a few 14s)

6. 18's are at 5:30-7.     (we could have a few 16s )

7. Be sure you have emailed Salness.     Text 503-318-6701



#38 ABC Apollo Volleyball 2021



Hello to all. Hope all is well. 


ABC Apollo camp update.   Week 2.  Session 3 and 4


We have Week 2 Camp Update:


1. Monday and Tuesday Only (June 28 and 29)


2. We have AIR CONDITIONING in the gym.


3. Cost $35  (includes both days).

4. Anyone is invited from any club or any high school. (you can tell your friends, but space will be limited)


5. Must be registered with USA Volleyball/CEVA  (that is our insurance)


6. It is a camp directed at 6 on 6 volleyball. Emphasis on transition volleyball from offense to defense and back to offense. Some individual warm up skills, then teaching of offense and defense and transition and then scrimmages.


7. You must Email Salness with:

Name Grade Position High School  and Club you played for


8. Space is limited so email soon.


9. Sunday evening you will get an update on this WebsIte.


Monday June 28 and Tuesday, June 29 (Note the change-not 4 days)

       Week 2       Session 3         4 - 5:30          16s   (Can include some 14's kids)

       Week 2       Session 4         5:30 - 7          18s   (Can include some 16's if we have space)


If you have questions you can email Salness.

Or you can text Salness 503-318-6701




#37 ABC Apollo Volleyball 2021


Hello to all. Happy Fathers Day weekend.

ABC CAMP update:

1. Week 1.   June 21-24

2. Session    1.    4-5:30     ALL 16's    (unless you email and can only make 5:30-7)

    Session    2.    5:30-7     ALL 18's    (unless you email and can only make 4-5:30)

3. Bring you a check for $70 to ABC Apollo (or cash)

4. Bring your own water and mask

5. Must belong to USA VB and CEVA Insurance.


BE SURE TO EMAIL SALNESS with your information. It is Ok to invite other kids from other schools or clubs, BUT YOU MUST EMAIL ME FIRST so we know how many kids we will have.


Email Salness   (I will respond today) (or when I get the email)

Or text if you need to.   503-318-6701


#36 ABC Apollo Volleyball 2021




Great news. We just got approved today (Wednesday, June 16th ) for the use of Prince of Peace church for our next Abc Apollo Activity------SKILLS CAMPS


Skills Camp 2021

1. Open to any Player, any School, any Club...8-12th grader.   

MUST BE REGISTERED with USA Volleyball/CEVA. This is for Insurance purposes.

2. Skills training, with some scrimmaging.

3. Cost - $70 for 1 week (4 days of volleyball)

4. Registration information will follow later this week.

5. 16-18 kids per session. Skills training, with some scrimmaging. Passing, Setting, Hitting, Serving: the goal is to get your skills better for school volleyball in August.

6. You can register for week 1 or week 2 .

We will email you which session your in. (see below)


7. We need you to email Salness your information:   

                                Name       Grade        Position    School       Club        Week #

    For example:   Claire        10th           Libero       Century    Athena     1


8. We will NOT be able to take everyone. (only 16-18 kids per session) 

9. We will need to move kids around so we have:

5-6 liberos/DS, 5-6 setters/rt sides, 5-6 hitters, each session so we can work in small groups.


10. Registration papers will show up later this week. 


Week #1     June 21-24               Monday - Thursday                  Prince of Peace Church   

                                                      (We may need to move you from session 1 or 2 to balance)

                                                      Session 1     4-5:30

                                                      Session 2     5:30-7


Week #2    June 28-July 1         Monday - Thursday                    Prince of Peace Chuch

                                                     ( We may need to move you from session 3 or 4 to balance)   


                                                     Session 3    4-5:30

                                                     Session 4    5:30-7


Be sure to email Salness with your information:     

Name, Grade, Position, HS, Club, Week #

Remember you must be registered with USA Volleyball/CEVA and show your membership card




#36 ABC Apollo Volleyball 2021


Hello to all. We are at the end of the traditional ABC Apollo CLub Volleyball Season. Covid, Club, Hybrid School and Masks have made it a year to remember and one we don't ever want to do again. 

We want to thank all the players, parents and coaches for a job well done in a wild year.


We hope to see all of you back next year if that works for you. It will be a normal club volleyball season starting in November of this year. Details will be on the website in late August .


1. We have one practice left on Thursday. (See schedule below)

2. We have one tournament left.   Regionals/Friendship Tourney offered by NPJ at the Hoop in  Salem. All 5 will be going on Saturday or Sunday. 



Saturday, June 12:  16's-1 and 16's-3 arrive at the Hoop in Salem at 10:15. It is a normal tournament. Pools of 4, followed by bracket play in the afternoon. We will have the kids text you when we think they will be done. There are no spectators in Salem at this time. 

16's-2 are playing on Sunday.


Sunday June 13:   16's-2, 18's-1, and 18's-2 arrive at the Hoop in Salem at 10:15.(?) It is also a normal tournament with pool play in the morning and bracket play in the afternoon. No spectators allowed.


There is no official live stream as this is not a CEVA event. The players have been recording the games on their phones and then parents have been able to watch it.  

Location: The Hoop in Salem
3575 Fairview Industrial Dr SE
Salem, OR 97302

COVID Waiver:
Attached is the covid waiver. All athletes need to print & sign.

COVID Guidelines:

· Masks are required at all times. Please bring extra as necessary for back up.

· Temperatures will be checked upon arrival.

· Please bring plenty of water. The water fountain is currently not available due to covid.

· All bags need to be 6ft apart from other teams belongings. (NO TEAMS ARE ALLOWED UPSTAIRS)


Have a great day.


#35 ABC Apollo Volleyball 2021


Hello to all. Hope you had a great weekend.

Fun Power League for 16's and 18's. Some good Volleyball.


1. This is the last week of official ABC Apollo VBC 2021 (Covid)

2. We will practice on Tuesday and Thursday this week. (Times listed below)

3. We will not qualify for Regionals this year. So we are putting things in place for "Culminating" completion to the season. We will have specifics by Wednesday. 


Tuesday              June 8      Practice

                                              4-5:30          18's-2 and 16's-2.            

                                              5:30-7          16's-1 and 16's-3             

                                              7-8:30          18's-1                                


Thursday           June 10    Practice 

                                             4-5:30          16's-1 and 16's-3.            

                                             5:30-7          18's-2 and 16's-2.            

                                             7-8:30          18's-1                       

#34 ABC Apollo Volleyball 2021



Hello to all and hope you are having a great Memorial Day weekend.



1. We are into the last 2 weeks of ABC Apollo 2021 (Covid) Season. It will end on Saturday/Sunday June 12/13. It has been wonderful and very different with Covid. Your kids are great and we had a wonderful time, and if it works, we would love to have your kids back for a normal club season beginning in November of this year.

2. We will have practice this week on Tuesday and Wednesday. The Church has graduation for little kids on Thursday.

3. Power League on Saturday for all 16's.      Location and time TBA

4. Power League on Sunday for  all 18's.      Location and time TBA


Tuesday              June 1      Practice

                                              4-5:30          18's-2 and 16's-2.            

                                              5:30-7          16's-1 and 16's-3             

                                              7-8:30          18's-1                                


Wednesday       June 2      Practice 

                                             4-5:30          16's-1 and 16's-3.            

                                             5:30-7          18's-2 and 16's-2.            

                                             7-8:30          18's-1                                


Saturday           June 5      16s Power League.    TBA


Sunday             June 6       18s Power League.    TBA


Tuesday           June 8       Practice

                                            4-5:30         18's-2 and 16's-2

                                            5:30-7         16's-1 and 16's-3

                                            7-8:30         18's-1


Thursday        June 10     Practice   

                                           4-5:30         16-1 and 16-3

                                           5:30-7         18-2 and 16-2

                                           7-8:30         18-1


Sat/Sun           June 12/13     Regionals/Tournament       TBA 




#33 ABC Apollo Volleyball 2021


Hello to all. Exciting times. We get to play 2 Power League matches this weekend. All teams play on Saturday and all teams play on Sunday. (See schedule below) 



1. We need all players who are planning to play this weekend to bring a check this Thursday, for the balance of the Club Fee, $500, made out to ABC Apollo. Remember this check is not refundable

If you have questions or need to talk, email Salness.

We are always willing to help or work with you on the fee if needed. 


2. Note the schedule change for Thursday practice for this week. (See announcement #32 below.)


3. 16's bring the jersey we loaned you for last weekend. If you have your new jersey bring that also. 18's, if you don't have a jersey, we will give you one on Thursday or the coach will have some for you at the tournament. 


4. Must bring your own water and food. 


Tourney schedule for Saturday. 

Saturday morning wave (7:30am-2pm):
18-1 — Boys and Girls Club Albany court 3
18-2 — Yamhill HS court 3

Saturday afternoon wave (2:30pm-8pm):
16-1 — Yamhill HS court 3
16-2 — G3 Sport and Fitness court 2
16-3 — G3 Sport and Fitness court 3


Sunday's Power League schedule and location, will be determined on where the teams finish in pool play on Saturday. (We will know before the kids leave on Saturday)

Practice next week. 


May 25       Tuesday                 4-5:30  pm          18's 2  and  16's-2

                                                    5:30-7  pm          16's-1   and  16's-3

                                                    7-8:30  pm          18's-1


May 26      Wednesday            4-5:30  pm          16's-2 and 16's-3.        Scrimmage

                                                    5:30- 7 pm          16's-1 and  18-2          Scrimmage

May 27      Thursday                4-5:30  pm          16's-1 and 16's-3

                                                    5:30-7  pm          18's-2 and 16's-2        

                                                    7-8:30  pm          18's-1                             Scrimmage 


May 29       Saturday                8-11     am           Games                          CANCELLED


May 30       Sunday                  No Practice  

May 31       Memorial Day      No Practice

June 1          Tuesday                Practice

June 2          Wednesday          Practice

June 3         Thursday             NO Practice                                        Church Event

June 5          Saturday              16's Power League Tournament        TBA

June 6          Sunday                 18's Power League Tournament        TBA

June 8          Tuesday                Practice TBA

June 9          Wednesday          Practice TBA

June 10-13  Thur-Sun              Regionals all Teams                             TBA


June 13        Sunday                 Regular ending for ABC Apollo.


We are looking at organizing and setting up camps, June 21 to July 2. 

More details to follow

If you have any questions, please email Salness.


#32 ABC Apollo Volleyball 2021


Hello to all.... what a fun and long day on Saturday. The 16's teams did great and it was the first tourney of the year..... Nice job to all. 



1. We need to collect the 2nd and final payment for ABC Apollo. 

The cost is $500 and the check needs to be made out to ABC APollo and this check will not be refundable. 

2. First payment was $300, the second payment is $500, making the total $800. The original cost for the club was $950. But with things the way they are and missing some time for tournaments and practice we have lowered the price to $800.

3. The check must be delivered at practice Tuesday, May 18th, or Thursday, May 20th, to Coach Salness. 

4. We are looking to add matches during the week and 1 to 2 more tournaments.


Tournament this Saturday, May 22nd and Sunday, May 23rd. 

Saturday is 16's Power League  AM or PM

Sunday   is 18's Power League  AM or PM

CEVA has looked to add 18's also to Saturday and 16's on Sunday. We need to get clarification before we accept. We have 5 teams and 5 Coaches. Just need to be sure we have coaches to coach. You will get the exact update by Wednesday this week.

Ceva will announce locations on Tuesday, but that does not mean that we can do both dates for both teams. More details to follow.



Tuesday            4-5:30 pm     18's-2 and 16's-2.       Normal

                           5:30-7 pm     16's-1 and 16's-3.       Normal

                           7-8:30 pm     18's-1

Wednesday      No practice

Thursday          4-5:30 pm       16's-1 and 16's-3.      NOTE THE TIME CHANGE

                           5:30-7 pm       18's-2 and 16's-2.      NOTE THE TIME CHANGE

                           7-8:30 pm       18's-1 


If you have any questions..... please email Salness.


#31 ABC Apollo Volleyball 2021


Hello to all.


Tournament time for 16s .....Yes


1. Bring plenty of water

2. Arrive at The Hoop in Salem by 7:30

3. MUSH HAVE A SIGNED WAIVER from NPJ.... it is on the last announcement

4. NO spectators

5. Girls will text parents when they will be done. We have pool play and then bracket play. 

6. Bring your own food. 

EVERYONE needs to check SportsEngine and make sure their information is all correct and that you have accepted the invitation to be on ABC Apollo’s. If you have any troubles with this, please email Alix from CEVA ( immediately or you will NOT be able to play on Saturday.


The Hoop location:

3575 Fairview Industrial Dr. S.E.

Salem, OR  97302

See you all in the morning.....




#30 ABC Apollo Volleyball 2021



Hello to all,

Here are two PDF forms. One is the brackets and one is the waiver form that must be signed.

If you have any questions email  Salness 




#29 ABC Apollo Volleyball 2021


Hello to all and hope you all had a great Mother's Day Weekend. 

We had Claire Salness graduate on Saturday from college and then Mother's day on Sunday. All 4 kids and husbands were here at our house this weekend from Eugene, Sherwood, Washington, and Sitka, Alaska. Alot of fun!


1. Great news!  All 3 16's teams will get to play this Saturday at the Hoop in Salem. 

2. We have jerseys for all kids to get by for this weekend.

3. We need everyone to be sure and order the long sleeve jersey for the power league on May 22 and 23.


4. We will work on specific teams this week at practice. 

5. Practice for Tuesday is the same as last week. We have some kids going to 2 practices. 

6. Alternates: We only need a few kids to complete the teams. Unfortunately, most of the alternates we do not have space for at this time.

We wish we did have space for everyone.

You can email Salness or we will email you. We may need practice players.



Tuesday         4-5:30 pm    16's-2 and 18's-2          Sunset plus the same ones from last week.

                        5:30-7 pm    16's-1 and 16's-3          All other 16s kids--same as last week

                        7-8:30 pm    18's-1                             Same as last week. 


                        5-6 pm         16's-2 vs 18's-2

                        6-7 pm         16's-1 vs 16's-3

                        7-8 pm         18's-1 vs other practice kids and coaches.

Thursday       Same Practice Schedule as Tuesday

If you have any questions email  Salness 




#28 ABC Apollo Volleyball 2021


Hello to all.   

Things are moving forward in a very positive way. Right now we need to order new jerseys for this season. You will do this online and we hope you can do it in the next 24-48 hours so we can get them delivered to you on time for Power League in 2 weeks (May 22, 23).


We work with a company, Gear Up.


We have a specific website for you to order on. Players must order the featured long sleeve purple jersey. It has to be a new one as we will need to move players around from time to time from teams including 16's-18's. 


We have the numbers  1 to 70 reserved so that when you order the number comes off the choice list and then we will never have duplicates (Hence we can move players around). 


1. Order a new purple long sleeve jersey. Approx $30

2. If you want to be a Libero you will need to order a pink jersey (same size and same number).

3. Players/parents/grandparents can also order anything else off the site for your own personal use. 

4. We will practice next week, Tuesday, Wednesday (games), and Thursday. Specific groups will be listed for each practice. This list will come out by Sunday night.

Again, here is the Gear Up website.

If you have any questions email  Salness 




#27 ABC Apollo Volleyball 2021


Hello to all.

The good news is that Washington County is still in "High Risk". Which means 50 people in the gym.

All things with ABC Apollo club are a go. 


1. Players must bring back the WAIVER and the Covid Statement sIgned by player and parents to Thursday practice. So when we ask the Covid Question... we are asking for the information on the form and we keep that on file.


REMEMBER SAFETY  is the MAIN GOAL. IF you are not FEELING Well--Stay HOME.


2. Practice is on Thursday, May 7 (Just longer). We are asking the kids who went to 2 practices to do the same as they did on Sunday. We are looking at making teams by this Sunday and then practicing with your team next week. 


3. ALTERNATES: We will know by Sunday who is going to play and if and which alternates we need to add back. Sorry for the delay for the alternates... we just want to be sure who is IN and who is OUT. Then we can add players where needed. 


4. We have a policy that all players play in every match, so if we make teams and you say YES, your kid will play in every match (exception--if there is a 3rd Set--coach may just play the kids who are playing the best during that Match.) That is why we never carry more than 12 kids per team. 


5. See the practice schedule on the last Announcement  #26 (Below). Practice next week: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. A tournament for the 16's-1 and 16's-2 on May 15  in Salem at the HOOP. (16's-3 is on the waitlist). 


Have a great day and see you all on Thursday.


 If you have questions--email Salness.



#26 ABC Apollo Volleyball 2021



Hello to all,

I had the opportunity to coach a tennis tournament all day yesterday at Lake Oswego. Beautiful day. Now it is another beautiful day we are back to volleyball and club and practice.


1. We have heard back from almost all the players with invitations. We have practice today to further set up potential teams.

After today we will start inviting back the alternates where we have spots.


2. Alternates--WE need you to email Salness ( ) if you would be interested in accepting an invitation that will come out after Monday if we have openings. Remember the $300 will NOT be deposited until you are Invited and you and your parents accept. The check will be nonrefundable once you say yes.

NO PRACTICE FOR ALTERNATES TODAY, we will contact you when we have a spot.


3. All $300 checks have been deposited yesterday/Saturday after we received the email for the acceptance from the players/parents.  These are not refundable. (we need to pay CEVA, Coaches, Insurance, and rental fee for Church) We will not have another payment due until we see what will really happens with CEVA and Washington County. We will adjust the fee when we know the next step.

We are looking to extend our club season to the end of June to include more matches ( with local teams) and adding back the Power League that CEVA has stated they are going to reschedule. 


4. Practice today, Sunday 2-5. (time slots see below) The schedule for the next 2 weeks is listed below, confirmed by the church.


5. Note:  No Tuesday Practice. The Church has an "Art Show"  in the gym for the K-3 and they display their projects.



Sun    May 2               2-3 pm          18-2 and 16-2.   Sunset kids plus other kids

                                     3-4 pm          16-1 and 16-3.   All other 16s

                                     4-5 pm          18-1. and we will bring in other kids

Thur   May 6              4-5:30 pm      18-1 and 16-2

                                    5:30-7 pm      16-1 and 16-3

                                    7-8:30 pm      18-1

Tue    May. 11.        Same as May 6

Wed.  May 12.        Scrimmages/Games 5-8:30 pm     ABC vs ABC

Thur.  May 13.        Same as May 6

Sat.    May 15.        16-1 and 16-2 Tourney..... (16-3 on a waitlist)

If you have any questions,


#25 ABC Apollo Volleyball 2021


Hello to all,


We had a great week and now we have the opportunity to INVITE players and families for ABC Apollo 2021 Season.


1. We will list the players who are being invited and then we will also list some alternates who will be asked to join the club if we have room. The kids have all been great, but unfortunately, we do not have room to keep/invite all the kids at this time. 


2. If you are INVITED, we need you to talk to your parents and accept the Invitation and then know that we will deposit the check for $300 

The $300 will be NON-REFUNDABLE. 

We will not deposit any checks for any “alternate “ until they have been invited and accepted a spot on a team.


3. You have 24 hours to accept and you must email Coach Salness by 10 am Saturday morning at and accept the invitations.   If it does not work for you, we understand, and then we will invite one of the alternates. 

If we missed your name, please email Salness. (there are a lot of kids!)


4. We will have practice on Sunday, May 2 at Prince of Peace and then again on Thursday, May 6.


Sunday, May 2             2- 3 pm             Sunset kids plus other kids (we will contact you)

                                                                 18-2 and 16-2

                                        3- 4 pm            16-1 and 16-3 (remaining 16's)

                                        4- 5 pm            18-1's

Thursday,  May 6        4-5:30 pm         Sunset teams plus other players--TBA

                                        5:30-7 pm         16-1 and 16-3 

                                        7-8:30 pm         18-1


INVITATIONS for 16's teams (3 teams TBA. You could be on any of the 3 teams)


Armstrong L.           Atkins S.           Baldress, M.         Baltran, S

Bates, C.                  Chand. G.         Constans. T.         Guitar. A

Hertel. O.                 Libby K.            Lindauer. T.          Meyer. F

Merriweather A.     Micic. S.           Mitchel, A.            Murphy A

Nelson. G.               Okuda M.         Piasky. M.            Rajan.  R

Rickman  I.              Rodriquez A.    Thomas D.           Nakouka B

Young. N.                Robbins L.       Hill T                    Brown  E      


Alternates. to 16s Teams

Ban. R                     Batista, Y.         Gonzalez. A.         Hegde, N

Huffstler M.           Manu, A.           Sollante, B 

Nanal, A                 Etienna. K.    


INVITATIONS for 18s teams (2 teams TBA)


Anderson K.           Babia. k.            Barber. S.              Bolton K

Carder. J.                 Mclaine A.         Erickson O.           Evers E

Guitar. K.                Huffstelter R.    Hymas A.              Kirschman  A

Nedialkova. M.      Records. J.         Hankel  S.              Redding K

Saadat. R.               Spirling. S.         St John J.               Thakker.  N

Ton.  C.                    Younger  B.       Campero.  A.        Hill T

Summerville A


Alternates to 18s Teams

Mannhalter T.         Riminez L.     Viduya K


Remember to email back by Saturday morning at 10 am, with "Yes" or "No Thank you".


Lad Salness

ABC Apollo


#24 ABC Apollo Volleyball 2021


Hello to all,

All new information will be posted by 10 am on Friday, April 30 and you can respond "Yes" or "No thank you" by 10 am Saturday morning.

If you have any questions, email me at


#23 ABC Apollo Volleyball 2021


Hello to all. 

Well, Covid continues to make things harder to have a normal club volleyball season.


With our #1 goal for the safety of players/parents/coaches and combined with the recent elevation of "Extreme" classification for 15 counties, ABC Apollo has decided NOT to participate in this weekend's Power League Tournaments. 


1. So.....NO Power League for 16's and 18's May, 1 and 2.

2. We are NOT going to deposit the $300 until we get a clear picture of the next step for Oregon and Covid. 

3. We plan on continuing the process of ABC Apollo Club practices for this Wednesday and Thursday for 18's and 16's. 

4. By Sunday, May 2nd,  we hope to have a plan in place for the next step for ABC Apollo and the recalculation of the costs for ABC Apollo Club. 



April 28     Wednesday    

                        7-8:30    18's practice (for all non-Sunset players)

April 29     Thursday    

                        4-5:30    Sunset practice for 16's-2 and 18's-2 

                        5:30-7    All other 16's Players....16's-1 and 16's-3

                        7-8:30    18's-1 (all non-Sunset players)


If you have any questions,


#22 ABC Apollo Volleyball 2021


Hello to all.

Wild and fun times. Time to get started with teams and tournaments.


1. Exciting week for ABC Apollo. We will make teams, for this weekend, and get to play in tournaments.

2. We are willing to make a third 16's team which means that none of the kids that were at practice last Tuesday and Thursday will get cut. We are looking to have 11-12 kids on each 16's team. All players will play in every match (with the understanding that if a match goes to 3rd and deciding set that the coach will play the kids who are playing the best that day in the deciding match). 

3. Due to the fact that we did not play in the "Qualifying Power League Match" (earlier this month), all power league teams were dropped by CEVA to a lower ranking. The good news is that we should be able to win a lot of matches on our way to regionals. 

4. We are looking to confirm that players/parents are ready to move forward and we will deposit the $300 when player/parents confirm commitment. (this Tuesday, April 27)

5. Practice dates and times are listed below.

6. Be prepared to say YES to playing on a team. The exact teams are not completed until we get a final commitment. Players could also move teams.

7. Upon your committing, we will deposit the first check for $300. This will be a non-refundable commitment. 

8. We will have 3 separate payments for ABC. We will not accept any payment early and when we get them they will be non-refundable. 

      Payment 1...... April 28th......$300. (We already have the check on file)

      Payment 2.......May 6th.........$300 

      Payment 3...... May 18th.......$300 (this could be adjusted to a lower amount).

9. Also we are all dealing with Washington County and "High Risk or Extreme Risk". ("High Risk" means that you can have 50 people in a gymnasium/court at a time. "Extreme Risk" means that you can only have 6 people in a gymnasium/court at a time) With this situation that is why we are only accepting payments in time blocks and also they are non-refundable. 



All practices at Prince of Peace Church. YOU MUST HAVE UPDATED CEVA MEMBERSHIP!

Tuesday, April  27    

                5-6:30  ALL Sunset Kids--16's and 18's.... and a few others that we will text. 

                             This will be ABC Apollos 16's-2, White and ABC Apollos 18's-2, White.

                6:30-8  ALL other 16's who were at practices last week Tuesday/Thursday

                             This will be ABC Apollos 16's-1, Purple, and ABC Apollos 16's-3, Black.

Wednesday, April 28

                7-8:30.   ALL of the 18's (non-Sunset kids). We will need to make a few cuts in this group.

                               This will be ABC Apollos 18's-1, Purple.

Thursday, April 29

                4-5:30.  All Sunset kids 16's and 18's

                5:30-7.  All other 16's who were at practice last week, Tuesday/Thursday

                7-8:30.  All of the other 18's kids.

Saturday, May 1. 

               Power League for all three 16's teams. Location TBA

Sunday, May 2

               Power League for both 18's teams. Location TBA

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at