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Volleyball Updates as of 5/11/20

ABC Apollo Families,

Thank you all so much for your patience as we waited to get all the information that we could get. I am an Optimist at heart and I always think that there is way to keep things going--I talked to CEVA, to my CPA, to 9 different club directors (Adidas, NPJ, OJs, Newberg, Westview, Aloha, ACES, McMinnville and Lava). I had questions for them—How do we keep this going ? Where do we practice? Who do we play? When do we stop? What about refunds? I tried everything I could—The reason is that we love our players, teams, parents and coaches—I was just not ready to stop. Well that said I have come to the conclusion that there is nothing we can do with this Covid 19 Pandemic and return to a Normal Club Season and it is time to end the 2020 ABC Apollo Volleyball Season. So there I said it….ABC Apollo VBC is officially done for the 2020 season.

Note: Governor Kate Browns announcement on May 8 of the 3 Phase Return will not allow us to return to a Normal Club Season—It will just allow us to run a potential Summer Program—More details on that possibility to follow in the next 3 weeks. (Her May 8th announcement is what we were waiting for).

That brings us to the “REFUND" (we are one of the last clubs to refund.) I have talked to all the clubs and we are right there with the refund policy…. Club Volleyball is a seasonal sport going from November to the end of April. You pay $1600 for the entire season and we are not a month to month business… so that being said we do have a refund for every family who has Paid in full. If you have not paid in full then there is no refund. (If you have not paid in full we will be in contact and we can work out the details for final


You have 2 choices on the refund of $220. Either choice that you pick….. I need an email sent to and tell us what your choice is—Refund or Donation.
1. You can accept the Refund of $ 220 which is Great. We need you to email with the exact name and address you want the check sent to (we only use checks—no Venmo)
2. Donation. You want to Donate the money to the club which is also great.
3. If we do not get an email—we assume you are choosing the Donation.


We miss all the players and families so much and really wish we were not all in this situation. Our Hearts break for the kids with their season ending so abruptly with no real closure. And to our class of 2020 we want to take the moment to acknowledge and say thank you to our Seniors and we wish you all the best in the future.

Thank you to the parents, guardians and fans for their support of the ABC Apollo staff, players. We also want to thank our coaches for all the work, time and the great job they did with their teams.

We want to announce that we plan to be back in 2021 with ABC Apollo with teams at the 14s,16s. and 18s. We hope to see you all back next Season--2021.


If you have any questions, be sure to email me and or text 503-318-6701.

Lad Salness
ABC Apollo


If you misplaced any of the following items, please email or text Coach Salness at or 503-318-6701.

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