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Update December 22


We hope everyone is having a great break and wish you all Happy Holidays and New Year!


  1. The next practices are Tuesday, Jan 2, and Thursday,  Jan 4 at the normal times.

  2. Power League for 18s is Saturday, Jan 6, and Sunday, Jan 7, for 16s teams. Ceva has not posted the locations yet. TBA


CLUB DUES: ABC Apollo costs $1800 as a base cost, and then if we add a travel tourney, we add those fees. 

  1. The first payment for ABC Apollo was in early December.

  2. If you are on the payment system ($600), then payment # 2 is January 2nd or 4th. The third and final payment is on Jan 30th or Feb 1st. If you have any questions please text Coach Salness (503-318-6701) or email

  3. MLK Tourney cost is  $150 per player. This pays for all the coaches expenses and the tournament entry fee. Be sure to put the players name in the MEMO and also have MLK. This check can be turned in on January 2nd or the 4th to Coach Salness.

  4.  All payments can be  cash or check. If a check we need it made out to ABC Apollo with the player's name in the MEMO. Just  have the players bring the check to practice and HAND  the check to Coach Salness. 


Presidents Day Tourney is on Feb 17-18-19 in Seattle. 

  1. All teams and players are invited to attend. 

  2. We need you to text or an email to Coach Salness if you would like to go. You do not have to attend as it will cost you extra money.   Players fee will be $150. Hotel is $480 for all 3 nights and we have many options on room accommodations. You can set up your hotel room  anyway you want. Families together or with players with other families. 

  3. If we do not have enough players for 5 teams then we will work on condensing to the appropriate number of teams.

  4. We have a block of rooms reserved for all 5 teams. 

  5. We need to Know if you want to attend by December 29th.   A “yes or a no”  is great. We just need an answer.  Text Coach Salness at 503-318-6701 with your response.

  6. We will open the site for the rooms on Wednesday, January 3rd or sooner. We do need to know how many players and families want to attend before we can book rooms. 

  7. The two 18s teams will be at one hotel and the three 16s teams at a different hotel. The hotels are 2.2 miles apart. We will play in an AM or PM wave. It has not been posted yet. 


We want to give a special thanks to several people and for helping set up and run ABC Apollo :


  1. My lovely wife, Annie, for setting up and running the WEBPAGE. This is very important for a continued ongoing source of information for parents, players, and coaches.  Thank you Annie Farrow Salness.

  2. Shaheen Yazd. Shaheen has been with us for the last 3 years and does a fantastic job with all the tournaments, hotel reservations and set up.  Also, a  special thanks for setting up and running the TEAMSNAP portion of the club. TeamSnap allows consistent, daily communication with all the parents, players, and coaches.  All the work Shaheen does helps make the club work.

  3. Anisha Aggarwall for all her help as our direct contact with CEVA and all the team registrations and rosters. Anisha will also help coach and work with all 5 teams. Anisha played Volleyball for 4 years at Sunset High School and ABC Apollo Club. 

  4. A special thanks to all the Team Parents working with TeamSnap. Thanks to Shaheen for setting up TeamSnap. A special thanks to the Team parents for setting up daily and weekly contact with every team, including announcements and updates on tournaments and team activities.          

 So another special thanks to: Shaheen Yazd with 18-1. Anna Strauss  18-2. . Annie Miller with the 16 -1 Elma Lunak 16-2. Dorothy Furquim 16-3.


Tournament Schedule is listed below

16’s Tentative Schedule:

12/10 - CEVA Kickoff Tournament-Hillsboro/Vancouver for 16's-2 and 16's-3 ONLY

01/07 - Power League Qualifier #1-Location TBD

01/27 - Power League Qualifier #2-Location TBD

02/17-02/19 - President’s Day Tournament-Seattle

02/24 - Power League #1-Location TBD

03/17 - Power League #2-Location TBD

04/13 - CEVA Spring Swing-Eugene

04/20 - Power League #3-Location TBD

05/04-05/05 - Regionals-Portland

05/25-05/27 - Emerald City-Seattle—Only 16-1 & Dependant on team availability 


18’s Tentative Schedule:

12/03 - CEVA Kickoff Tournament-Hillsboro for 18's-1 ONLY

01/06 - Power League Qualifier-Location TBD

01/13-01/15 - MLK Washington Kickoff-Seattle

02/04 - Power League #1-Location TBD

02/17-02/19 - President’s Day Tournament-Seattle

03/02 CEVA - Cabin Fever Classic-Hillsboro

03/09 - Power League #2-Location TBD

04/13 - Power League #3-Location TBD

05/04-05/05 - Regionals-Portland

05/25-05/27 - Emerald City-Seattle


Feel free to text or email Coach Salness: 503-318-6701,


Thank you,

ABC Apollo Volleyball Club



The Jersey ordering site is now open.

       REQUIRED: You must get a Purple Jersey, a White Jersey, and a Gray Hoodie.

Order and pay for it; it will be sent to you by January 3 (before our first Power League).

Pay attention to the size, and then you or your family can buy anything else you want from the store. 


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