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#9 ABC Apollo Volleyball 2021



YES! ABC APOLLO will be having a Club season...Mid-March to Mid-June

1. We need an email or a text message saying.

            - YES! I am going to play

            - Need to talk... UNDECIDED

            - NO thanks 

                                                 To: .   503-318-6701

2. We will NOT conflict at all with High School Volleyball Season (starts Feb 22-April 5).

3. We have a lot of kids on the waiting list so we may have 4-6 teams (16/18s). 

4. We will NOT deposit the $300 Check until we have talked and confirmed with you.

5. Only thing stopping us would be COVID... The goal is to have a fun and great season.


Please email or text by  February, 26. 


Have a great start to High School Volleyball



#8 ABC Apollo Volleyball 2021



Hello to all......

1. The last few weeks I have been working to correct my Hotmail accounts... They were compromised. So if you have emailed me and I have not responded--that is why.   I will now use a Gmail account.


2. My new email is and what I will be using now. Sorry for the inconvenience.


3. High School Volleyball is set to start on February 22. We will not run an official Club during that time (we may do tryouts/teams during that time...TBA)

4. CEVA has moved Club and Power League to start on April 10/11 (at the end of school volleyball season). You can see details on CEVA website.

5. Club Volleyball is now set to go from April 10 to June 13. That is ABC Apollo's goal also.

6. We will not deposit any checks until we know for sure that Club season will start.

7. We will also talk in person or through email--to each player/family before we START (and before we deposit any checks).

8. The web site will still be the official source of information. 

9. If you have any questions you can now email me at or   Text me at 503-318-6701


We are excited to get started with School and Club Volleyball when it is Safe for players/parents/coaches. 

Remember the #1 Goal has been and will be.......Safety for everyone  


Lad Salness



#7 ABC Apollo Volleyball 2021


CEVA has moved all January Power League Matches.   16s--Jan 3 and 24 .      18s--Jan 10 and 31. To be rescheduled later in the season. 


Waiting to see what the Governor has to say for the next few weeks.   Right now NO INDOOR ACTIVITIES.

 Next Announcements will be on 1/15 or 1/19.          


  1. We will not deposit the $300 check till we know for sure when the season starts. 

  2. We will hold Tryouts/Team Assignments when allowed back into the gym

  3. Goal is still to have 2-3 .  16s teams .     2-3 . 18s teams.

  4. NO Club Volleyball during High School Volleyball Season   (February 22nd to April 9th).

  5. More details as they come available.

If you have any questions be sure to email  Salness.




#6 ABC Apollo Volleyball 2021


Welcome to 2021 ABC Apollo VBC

Hope you are all having a safe and wonderful Holiday Break.


  1. Look to start club as soon as the Governor allows it.

  2. We will not deposit the $300 check until we have confirmation of the season. 

  3. When we know what the season looks like we will charge a month-to-month fee for ABC Apollo Club.

  4. We will practice at Prince of Peace Church.   Monday /Wednesday and/OR, Tuesday/Thursday.

  5. Time slots will be 4-7 pm

  6. We have gotten a lot of kids registered with our club...issues will be the number of time slots to practice/CEVA and power league tournaments/Friendship tournaments/and of course High School Volleyball.

  7. The goal is to have 2-3----18s, teams.   And 2-3---16s teams.... at this point no 14s teams (Due to potential conflict with High School Volleyball ) 

  8. High School Volleyball is scheduled for February 22, March, and April.

  9. We will not have 16 and 18s during High School season....or any conflict with High School Season. (but potential Club Tournaments if High School does not have any tournaments during the season???)

  10. Keep checking the Web Page for weekly updates starting this weekend. 

If you have any questions--please email .



#5 ABC Apollo Volleyball 2021


Ok, official tryouts are over. 

We have enough players to have 2 - 4 teams and a possible 14s team. (TBA)

Now we get to wait to see what happens with Governor/Washington County/ Prince of Peace/Ceva.

We have a wonderful holiday season coming, so with smiles and solution-oriented attitudes, we wait.

Lad Salness

#4 ABC Apollo Volleyball 2021


16s/18s    Tryouts to Continue this weekend          Drive-by/Drop off –See specifics below


14s             Tryouts this weekend                                Drive-by /Drop off—See specifics below

NOTE for 14s: 

Due to the potential conflict with OSAA and the High School Volleyball Season-- we don’t know exactly what the season for 14s will look like. 

All of our coaches for the Club are High School Volleyball Coaches and will return to High School Volleyball responsibilities from Feb 22nd  to April 9th   

This information just came out from OSAA on Monday, Dec 7. 

The goal is to have one or two (or 0) 14s teams but we may not be able to do that. So if your goal is for a full season of 14s volleyball—we suggest you look at another club and not ABC.

If you only want to play for ABC Apollo 14s and you are willing to wait to see what the season looks like—then come and turn in paperwork to be considered. We just have no guarantees for 14s right now. 


Saturday, December 12th Drive by and drop off for 18s,16s, and 14s. - (9-10 am)

Sunday,    December 13th Drive by and drop off for 18s,16s, and 14s. –(1-2 pm )

Drive by and drop off your information for tryouts (no in-person tryouts).  We will be in the parking lot at Prince of Peace Church next to Sunset High School. Remember, we have no guarantees for any player for any team. You must turn in all requirements to be considered for ABC Apollo. Our goals have not changed for ABC Apollo. We want to have 2-6 teams…. 14s, 16s, 18s.


All papers go into a sealed envelope. On the  outside of the envelope include:

  1. First and Last name

  2. Cell phone number of player

  3. What High School do you attend.

  4. What position you would like to play (setter, middle)

  5. What age group are you wanting to play (18/16/14)

Inside the Envelope:

  1. Paper clipped together

  2. On Top--$20 bill cash

  3. A check for $300 (Dated January 1, 2021).  We will only deposit the check if you make a team and there is a Club Volleyball Season. Check payable to ABC Apollo

  4. Membership paper from CEVA.

  5. Signed letter of Commitment for ABC Apollo (found on CEVA Website)

  6. Medical Form filled out (found on CEVA website). 

See you this weekend. All updates on the Club season will be posted on the website

If you have any questions—feel free to email me at 

Lad Salness

#3 ABC Apollo Volleyball  2021

Hope you are having a great day.

Governor spoke earlier this week and stated that there will be no indoor sports till Dec 17 when a new decision will be made. 

Hence—no traditional club volleyball tryouts. 


Our goals have not changed with ABC Apollo.  We want to have 2-6 teams….14s,16s,18s. We have no idea of how many kids will want to Play/Tryout or when we can actually get in the gym to look at players and potential teams. So we will take one step at a time.


Saturday, December 5.  16s and 18s only

Drive by and drop off your information for tryouts (no in-person tryouts).  Remember, we have no guarantees for any player for any team. You must turn in all requirements to be considered for ABC Apollo. 

  1. Times for drop off at Prince of Peace church parking lot (by Sunset high school).

  2. Saturday, December 5th, from 9 am to 10:30 am

  3. Sunday, December  6th, from 1 pm to 2:30 pm

  4. All papers need to be in a sealed envelope.

  5. On the outside of the envelope—

       a. First and Last name of the player

       b. Positions you would like to play (setter, middle, etc)

       c. Current High School you attend

       d. What age group do you want to play?   (16s or 18s).

       e. Cell phone # of the player

   6. Inside the Envelope

       a. Paper clipped together

       b. On top--$20 bill cash

       c. A check for $300, dated January 1, 2021. We will only deposit the check if you make a                  team and there is a Club Volleyball Season. Check to ABC Apollo

       d. Membership paper from CEVA

       e. Signed letter of Commitment for ABC Apollo (found on CEVA website)

       f. Medical form (found on CEVA website)

  Saturday, December 12, 14s Tryouts   (also 16/ 18s can turn in their paperwork if needed)

  1. Exact same directions as above for 18s and 16s.

  2. Saturday and Sunday drop off times and the same location.


The goal for the next 2 weeks is to begin to see what we really have as far as the number of players for each team and the number of setters/liberos/middles/outsides etc. 

We will work as much as possible to honor returning ABC Apollo Club Members….

But no guarantee for any player to any team.


All communications will come off of this web site. Feel free to talk to your friends and share the information.

We will post information as we get it and tryouts will be open for at least the next 10 days—(this allows all players to turn in the papers) This is important as we cannot actually have in-person tryouts. 

If you have any questions after reading this announcement…. You can email me. 

See you all soon (someday)


#2    ABC Apollo Volleyball  2021 (Nov 30)


Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.

Looking forward to start the season for 2021.

Tryouts are scheduled for Saturday, December 5 (16-18s)

                                               Saturday, December 12( 14s)


Main goal is for kids and families to be safe, and to get to play Volleyball and have fun. 

That being said—we don’t have the control over our unusual times (Covid 19) so we just move forward with what we have. 


We will have tryouts at Prince of Peace Church—Time Slot is 8-12 noon.

Be sure to check the schedule on the Website before going on Saturday.


ABC Apollo is regulated by:

CDC, Governor, Washington County, CEVA, and Prince of Peace.

All of these regulations are in place to protect the athletes, coaches, and families.

We will follow all regulations.


Knowing  that the Covid 19 could change things at a moment's notice—you will need to check the website daily:


There is a chance that we will just collect registration forms on Saturday, Dec 5 and 

Saturday, Dec 12. We may also hold additional tryouts before we make teams. As you know this is difficult time for everyone—including the setup and the running of Club volleyball. So as long as everyone is willing to be solution-oriented, it will all work out, as it always does for ABC Apollo. Things are not perfect—but we will have as much fun as we can. 


For Tryouts: 

You will need to show up at Prince of Peace. 

We will collect the paperwork.

You will need to Bring $20 tryout fee/processing fee if you want to be considered for ABC.

We may or may not have an actual practice/tryout—maybe just collect the paperwork.

You will need to bring a deposit check for $300. We will not deposit any checks ($300)

until Jan 1, 2021.


What you will need to bring:

  1. Membership to CEVA—printed copy

  2. $20 Tryout/registration fee. 

  3. A Check for $300— made out to ABC APOLLO ACADEMY—remember we will not deposit them until Jan 1, 2021 –You can even put that as the date.

  4. Commitment Paper—Printed copy-- saying that you will commit to ABC Apollo if we have a team. You will find this paper on the CEVA website. (under documents)

  5. Medical form—printed copy. You will find this paper on the CEVA website. (under documents)

  6. Place all forms, $300 check, and $20, in an envelope. 

After tryouts we will begin to make teams and this may take all the way into January.

The fact that CDC, The Governor, Washington County, Ceva, and Prince of Peace church could all make changes to : IF and When we can play,

                                      How may kids on a court/team,

                                      Playing 6s or 4s….

There are so many variables that we will just move forward with whatever works. 


If you are interested in playing club volleyball this season, please email Coach Salness at


Be sure to state one of the following in your email: 

"Yes, count me in!"

"I'm undecided"

"No way!"

#1   ABC Apollo Volleyball 2021  (Nov 5)


Welcome to ABC Apollo VBC 2021.   Time to start the new season.

  1. Tryouts     16/18s         Dec 5             8 am to 12      Location TBA

                         14s               Dec 12           8 am to 12      Location TBA

   2. Registration TBA as we will have restrictions on the number of kids in the gym. 



Goal for this season is to have 2—18s teams, 2—16s teams, 2—14s 

Or some combination of 6 teams total. 


NOTE: All activities, teams, tournaments, practices are all subject to COVID  19   protocols. That means that anything can change at any time.



  1. #1 concern is for the safety for athletes, coaches, and families 

  2. #2 concern is for the safety for athletes, coaches, and families

  3. #3 concern is for the safety for athletes, coaches, and families

  4. #4  To help each player get better with individual and team Volleyball         skills. 

  5. We will Follow CDC, Governor, Washington County, USAVB, CEVA and all facility protocols for players, spectators and coaches….Face Masks will be worn at all times(except for water/food)


December, January and February—Club VB for 16/18s….. 

We will stop for March/April for all players and coaches to play and coach at High School.

Club will resume in May and June.

We are still working on the 14s Season….. TBA.   

It will be December to June time frame also. Right now CEVA has 14s Power league in March/April. 


If we have a normal season—2 practices a week (normal week) and 2 tournaments a month. Then the cost will be $1700. 

This includes $700 NON Refundable initial payment in December.   

Then we will have Monthly Payments of $500 in January and $500 in February. ($700 + $500 + $500 = $1700) 

This has a built-in $250 per each month (refundable only for Covid 19 closure). We built that in upfront to be sure that each player/family knows upfront what the Refund policy is. This refund is only for a Covid 19 forced closure by CDC/Governor/Washington Co/CEVA. 

CEVA web site has the region dates for registration, power league, and safety protocol. 


Most communication will be done with the Website. Goal is for periodic updates to this website. 

Feel to pass this information on to other families.


If you ever have any questions—feel free to contact me on email